About Al-Qatami Global

We are Al-Qatami Global for General Trading & Contracting Co W.L. L., a family business located in Kuwait established in 1986, and consisting of several subsidiaries like Al-Qatami Ready Mix Concrete, Al-Qatami Auto Spare Parts, United Marine, United Petro Kuwait, European Equipment Est., Abdulaziz Al-Qatami Trading & Contracting (Iraq Market), and Al-Qatami AAC Block Factory (Under construction).

First and fore most Priority is Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has been our top most criteria since our inception some twenty years ago. We believe in serving the customer to our fullest capacity in whatever way that is beneficial to the customer.

Moreover, by building customer loyalty by giving human touch to it, finding solution to their problem, and implementing their suggestion that will be beneficial to the company and the society.

Working Environment for Employees

We at Al-Qatami Global Co. create a favorable working environment for the employees where they can work freely to achieve the goals of the company and at the same time their own goals. We create such atmosphere at the workplace where they evolve constantly.

Company Management

A team of professional manages the company having vast experience. Each member of the team is an expert in his field. The company follows the rule of teamwork and everybody contribute in his capacity for the development of the company. Daily report of the progress is submitted and plans are made for future development in the group meeting held every week.

Welfare of the Society

We are committed in performing our service in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. All precaution is taken to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. We are also contributing in the development of the society thorough our business, which is spread in various fields like manufacturing, Auto spare parts, Marine, and International trading... etc.

Diversification and Expansion Plan

The Company is diversifying to cover Kuwait and the surrounding Gulf area. Moreover, the Company is constantly developing and updating its available resources to meet its goal of becoming a truly global company.

The company is in the process of making an impact on the international scenario either directly or through our partner representing different country through their company.

Service Motto

The motto of the company is "There is no substitute to hard work '' based on this the company is mobilizing the best resources which are available to satisfy the client needs – anywhere in the world.