United Petro Kuwait

United PetroKuwait Company (UPK) located Kuwait, established on the year 2003 with aims to capture the market for crude Oil / Gas and other associated petroleum products. The Company proficiently is in field of "Advanced Molecular Technology", especially in providing the most cost-effective "Industrial Protective coating & repair composite" solutions for the Petrochemical Plants & equipments.

United PetroKuwait Company (UPK) is actively engaged in the business of importing, marketing & distribution of Chemicals, Adhesives, Lubricant, Valves, Piping, and Bearings... etc, Which are required for the Oil & Gas Industries and which at the same time have a very high demand due to the climatic condition prevailing in Kuwait & the other GCC Region countries.

The State of Kuwait including its neighbor Iraq is a major Oil producing industrial country with huge demand for "Industrial Protective coating & repair composite" solutions for Petroleum Machinery, Equipments, and installations which play a major role in this region.

Kuwait oil & gas market is not very easy to penetrate but at the same time not difficult if the products or services provided by your company is of high quality, result oriented & prices are competitive.

United PetroKuwait Company (UPK) which is an industrial Petroleum company, assures you that while doing business with your company, we will provide all assistance in marketing your company product / service in Kuwait. Our company has all the necessary infrastructure & manpower required in this kind of market.

United PetroKuwait Company (UPK) at this preliminary stage cannot give assurance regarding the Sale Quantity it will purchase in starting year, and the amount it will invest in this business partnership. However our suggestion since this is a business developing stage, as we have to know your product / service response in the market, we will in starting market all your product / service based on terms and condition & prices, for a minimum after sale commission with no fixed target regarding commission percentage or sales quantity.