Abdulaziz Al-Qatami Trading & Contracting Est.

Abdulaziz Al-Qatami Trading & Contracting Est. is a Kuwait based trading company established to provide its customers with easy access to the finest good / services which are available around the world. The company can say with pride that our commitment is to quality, reliability and speed.

The company main fields are Importing, Exporting, Representing, and Buying Agents for several companies around the world.

The Company played an important role in developing / building the State of Kuwait after the "Iraqi invasion" by supplying goods, services, and the infrastructure required for making it one of the leading countries in the world. Furthermore, Abdulaziz Al-Qatami Trading & Contracting Est. is contributing in developing the "New Iraq", by providing all the necessary help / service to face the current situation.

Our efficient team strives to fulfill your sourcing requirement and to ensure that the products meet your price range, quality standards and delivery time. Our company is able to consolidate and schedule order for shipment efficiently and economically. We deal only with reputable supplier and manufactures that have suitable experience in their field. Our Trading Company has it own marketing research team, which keeps a watch on both the domestic & international market for new goods, products & services, which needed to be added in our product range.

Our mission is to include all the possible goods & services, which are available around the world under our organization so that we can serve both the people & the country at the same time.